VMWare Workspace One Vs Citrix MDM – The Showdown

Most of our customers striving to protect Intellectual Property or with privacy compliance requirements choose to go the route of Citrix or VMWare, so integrating their MDM or EMM solutions can be a no brainer, especially if they already have a virtualization or VDI solution in place.

But what if the VDI/MDM/EMM deployment is still in the planning stages? How do you determine what technology to go with?

Is it as simple as flipping a coin? HAHAHA. No. Check out our like to like comparison below for a more

This Comparison is based on several criteria: Deployment, Management Capabilities, Integration, Security, Performance, and User Experience.

  1. Deployment
    • VMWare Workspace ONE.
      • VMware Workspace ONE uses a cloud-based deployment model, making it easy to scale and flexible for organizations of varying sizes. It supports Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome OS, and Windows, enabling you to manage a wide variety of devices.
    • Citrix MDM
      • Citrix MDM, part of the Citrix Endpoint Management solution, also offers a flexible cloud-based deployment. It provides support for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.
  2. Management Capabilities
    • VMWare Workspace ONE.
      • Workspace ONE enables you to manage both company-owned and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scenarios. It has robust functionality for application management, including distribution, tracking, and updating of enterprise applications. Additionally, it supports remote configuration and troubleshooting, enabling administrators to assist end-users remotely.
    • Citrix MDM
      • Citrix MDM offers comprehensive device and app management features. It supports BYOD and company-owned device management and has strong features for application distribution and management. Remote assistance features are also available.
  3. Integration
    • VMWare Workspace ONE.
      • Workspace ONE integrates with various enterprise solutions, including directory services like Active Directory and cloud-based solutions like M365 (Formerly O365). It also integrates with VMWare’s own suite of products for virtualization and cloud management.
    • Citrix MDM
      • Citrix MDM has robust integration capabilities with Citrix’s suite of products and can also integrate with Active Directory and like VMWare it also integrates with M365 (Formerly O365) and other popular enterprise software. Integration with other Citrix solutions enables a comprehensive digital workspace approach.
  4. Security
    • VMWare Workspace ONE
      • Workspace ONE has a strong focus on security, with features for data encryption, device compliance checking, threat detection, and remediation. It also supports multi-factor authentication for additional security.
      • One of the primary security features in Workspace ONE is conditional access. This is based on user identity, device compliance status, location, and risk score, which can be calculated through an integration with risk scoring tools. It ensures only authorized users on compliant devices can access business resources. This is further enhanced with multi-factor authentication (MFA) for additional security.
      • Moreover, Workspace ONE includes a feature called Workspace ONE Intelligence. It gives IT teams insights into their digital workspace environment, which can include device and app usage and security events, for proactive management and security. For instance, it can automatically take actions based on certain conditions, such as applying additional security settings when a potential risk is identified.
      • It also boasts encryption and data loss prevention capabilities that safeguard sensitive corporate data both at rest and in transit. Another important security aspect is application tunneling that securely routes network traffic on a per-app basis to protect corporate resources. Additionally, it enables the separation of corporate and personal data, reducing the risk of data leakage.
      • Lastly, Workspace ONE is built to integrate with the broader VMware security portfolio and other third-party security solutions, creating a comprehensive security ecosystem that can adapt to ever-evolving threats. With a holistic, intrinsic security approach, Workspace ONE can provide secure access to any app, on any device, over any network.
    • Citrix MDM
      • Citrix MDM offers robust security features, including encryption, device compliance checking, and multi-factor authentication. It also provides micro VPN capabilities for secure access to corporate resources.
      • One of the key security features of Citrix MDM allows IT administrators to enforce policies and configurations on mobile devices, ensuring that they adhere to the organization’s security standards. This includes features like password enforcement, encryption, and remote wipe, which enable IT teams to protect sensitive data in the event of a lost or stolen device. With Citrix MDM, administrators can also set up compliance rules and automated actions to detect and respond to security breaches or policy violations promptly.
      • Another essential aspect of Citrix MDM’s security capabilities is its robust application management. It provides enterprises with the ability to distribute and manage both in-house and third-party applications securely. IT administrators can define access controls, whitelist or blacklist specific apps, and enforce application-level security policies to prevent unauthorized access or data leakage. Additionally, Citrix MDM enables seamless app updates and patches, ensuring that devices are protected against known vulnerabilities and malware.
      • Furthermore, Citrix MDM offers secure mobile productivity features, such as secure email, document sharing, and web browsing, through its integration with Citrix Endpoint Management. These features provide a secure workspace for employees to access corporate resources and collaborate while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.
      • Overall, Citrix MDM provides a comprehensive set of security capabilities that empower organizations to manage and secure their mobile devices, applications, and data effectively. By leveraging Citrix MDM’s robust security features, businesses can mitigate risks, maintain compliance, and protect sensitive information, all while enabling productive mobile work environments.
  5. Performance
    • Both solutions are highly scalable and designed to perform well in large enterprise environments. The performance of each would largely depend on specific deployment configurations and usage scenarios.
  6. User Experience
    • VMWare Workspace ONE
      • Workspace ONE provides a unified app catalog, which can be customized based on user roles and access privileges. It has a user-friendly interface and supports single sign-on, improving the end-user experience.
    • Citrix MDM
      • Citrix MDM also has a user-friendly interface and offers a secure, unified app catalog. It supports single sign-on and can deliver a personalized experience to end-users.

TSCS’ Customers leverage both VMWare Workspace ONE and Citrix MDM as comprehensive mobile device management solutions with strong feature sets. They have comparable capabilities and the choice between them would largely depend on your specific requirements, existing IT infrastructure, and the solution that provides a better fit with your organizational strategy. Whatever Your Preference TSCS can help your organization implement the right MDM solution. Call 888.254.TSCS to get on track for technology success.

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