Virtualization and EUC Solutions integration

Virtualization is a ubiquitous technology which makes cloud computing possible. Whether an organization leverages an On-Premise private cloud, a cloud service provider or utilizes a hybrid approach to provide fault tolerance for their mission critical systems Technology Security and Compliance Solutions is able to offer best in class industry best practice design and support expertise.

Capacity planning is a key step in migrating physical infrastructure workloads to virtual. Initial capacity planning data collection should gather and analyze at least one month worth of activity on the physical servers to be converted to virtual machines. TSCS is an industry leader in these data center consolidations and migrations. TSCS’ considerable experience enables our experts to guide our customers along a less painful path allowing for efficient allocation and utilization of resources when building out new datacenters or migrating workloads to cloud service providers.

VMWare ® and Citrix ® both offer scalable End User Computing Solutions empowering organizations with more secure and agile mobile workforces. EUC allows enables lower administrative overhead and the flexibility to allow for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This allows for any user to work from virtually anywhere at anytime while maintaining the highest of security postures.

TSCS experts have facilitated EUC success since the inception of the EUC technologies a decade ago. We have more than 29 cumulative years of architectural EUC design and solutions experience ranging from SMB to Global Organizations with hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.

Whatever the size of your organization Technology Security and Compliance Solutions can and will custom tailor the most usable and functional EUC solution.

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